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Frequently Asked Questions:


  • I don’t see the item posted on Instagram listed on the website – where is it? 
    Not all photos posted on Instagram are for sale. Please read entire post to know the status of the particular item.
  • Do you offer custom orders? 
    Unfortunately, no custom orders are accepted at this time. The closest option to a custom order is MTO’s.
  • Where is my recent order?
    Please double-check the fulfillment time on your order. Each listing states its fulfillment time.
    MTO: 4-8 weeks
    RTS: 3-4 business days
  • Do you offer free shipping? 
    No, unless promo code is being offered.
  • What kind of shipping do you offer? Can I insure a package? 
    All standard shipping is shipped via USPS – First Class Mail. There is an option to upgrade shipping to Priority Shipping with $100 insurance.
  •  Do you offer returns?
    There are no returns offered at this time for MTO’s as they are custom-made and all sales are final. If you purchased a ready-to-ship item and are unhappy with your purchase, please contact MRH within 3 business days from receiving the item. If you are wishing to resize or switch an item out due to wrong size – all sales are final. **please double check your ring sizes before purchasing**
  • What kind of metals do you work with? 
    Primarily sterling silver with the occasional feature of brass and rose gold. Each listing will state the type of metal used. 
  • What kind of stones do you work with? 
    Primarily U.S. mined Turquoise, with the occasional feature of Turquoise mined from China. MRH work also features precious gemstones. All stones are ethically sourced -please refer to each listing for its stone material and grade. Have questions about a specific stone? Just ask!
  • How do you grade Turquoise and what does that mean? 
    Grading Turquoise is based off the specific mine, the polish/finish and type of matrices present in the stone. Depending if a mine is still in operation, popularity, supply, density and color - these all help dictate its price point. High Grade Turquoise is typically in the top 10% from specific sought-out mines throughout the world.
  • I have a stone I would like to have set, can you make me something with it?
    Unfortunately, customers personal stones cannot be used for MTO's or custom pieces. Please refer to MTO's to choose a stone.
  • Do you offer jewelry repair? 
    I do not offer jewelry repair at this time except for MRH jewelry. If you are local to Richmond, VA and are in need of a repair, please visit or contact Richmond Jeweler located in Carytown, RVA. (please mention MRH referred you). If you need MRH jewelry repaired, please let us know and we're happy to help. 
  • Do you offer lay-away payment? 
    Please contact MRH for lay-away payment options. 
  • What does ready-to-ship mean (RTS)? 
    Ready-to-ship means the item is already made, ready to ship within 2-3 business days from day of purchase. These items cannot be resized.
  • How long do ready-to-ship pieces take to fulfill? 
    3-4 business days from day of purchase.
  • Can you resize ready-to-ship rings? 
    No. In order for us to resize rings, stones have to be removed. The removal process runs a high risk of damaging the stones, which are one-of-a-kind and cannot be replaced.
  • What is a made to order (MTO)? 
    MTO = made to order. MTO’s is where the buyer chooses the stone option based on the design example in the listing. Buyers, please send email following purchase to confirm desired ring size.
  • How long do MTO’s take to fulfill? 
    4-8 weeks unless stated otherwise.
  • Can I upgrade an MTO? 
    Each MTO listing states if the specific listing can/is available for upgrade. Please refer the upgrade listing page for specific upgrade options.
  • Do you have a store front/can I shop in person? 
    MRH does not offer a brick & mortar at this time. No in person shopping available.
  • Do you sell your jewelry in any retailers? 
    No. Please shop for MRH jewelry on the website or Instagram page.
  • Do you vend at any markets, events or fairs? 
    No, unless announced otherwise. Stay tuned to Instagram for any future event announcements 
  • Do you offer wholesale? 
    No wholesale options at this time.


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